The short answer is: anyone and everyone! Old age is the most common cause of mental incapacity, but you could lose the ability to manage your own affairs at any stage of life. An accident or a mental illness can make it very difficult for people to manage everyday tasks such as making financial decisions. It may become impossible to cope with larger issues such as selling your home or arranging for long-term care.

An LPA can be drawn up at any stage of your life, as long as you can be proved to be of sound mind. Leaving it until you’re already ill is very risky. It’s much better to put an LPA in place in good time, so that it can be stored away until it’s needed. Find out what happens if you lose capacity and don’t have an LPA.

Your LPA may never be used, but you should consider it as ‘insurance’ against any problems that may arise – once it’s registered with the OPG, it can be used straightaway.

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