Application for Grant of Letters of Administration

…where there is no valid Will in place

When a person dies without a valid Will you (the Next of Kin) will need to obtain a Grant of Letters of Administration. The application process is very similar to that for the Grant of Probate application and the result is similar too.

With the Grant of Letters of Administration (a court certificate) you can distribute the estate of the deceased according to the Laws of Intestacy. Without them you will have no access to bank accounts, you will not be able to proceed with the estate administration process. All assets will be frozen. The exception being where, for very small estates, banks will release funds on production of a death certificate and signing of a letter of indemnity. The amount varies between banks.

The application for the Grant of Letters of Administration and, once the certificate is received, the estate administration process can be complex and it can be both time-consuming and stressful.

How Colin Snaith can help

It’s important that executors or next of kin take legal advice before applying for the Letters of Administration. Colin provides a free guide and advisory service that clearly explains the process and the various steps involved. However, as a qualified TEP (Trust & Estates Practitioner), Colin can also deal with the administration of the estate on your behalf.

By appointing Colin to deal with your estate administration you’ll save a great deal of time and have the reassurance of knowing he’ll follow the correct procedures. Colin will quote a fixed fee for this service, and will fully and clearly explain what’s included.

Contact Colin Snaith today to discuss your requirements for Grant of Letters of Administration.

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