lpa fee refund

Are you entitled to money back on your LPA?

Claim a partial refund for LPA fees paid to the OPG between 1 April 2013 and 31 March 2017

Daughter fails to prevent father marrying again

Capable to Marry but not capable to draft new Will?
document signing

Advance Directive not discovered until too late

Brenda Grant case - might an LPA for Health & Welfare have been a good choice of document to record her wishes...?
text wills

Could a text message become your Will?

Last article was about online wills now an Australian court has ruled that an unsent text message is a valid Will
online willwriting

Online Wills - why would you?

For a few people an online willwriting service may be appropriate - are you one of the few?
regulation of willwriting questions & answers

Regulation of Will Writing

Would Regulation of Willwriters make a difference? The possible regulation of Will Writing has been in the news again recently...
LPA best system available

Lasting Power of Attorney - mixed messages

LPAs may not be perfect but they are the best system around at present...
good law / bad law

RNRB - fair?

Advising on taking the correct steps according to the law as it now stands...
sign now or wait?

Political uncertainty causing concern

Don't let doubt about the future tempt you to delay putting safeguards in place...
grant of probate

Do I need a Grant of Probate

Unfortunately, as with most questions about estates, this simple sounding question has the answer “it depends…”. It depends, primarily, on what the estate consists of and...