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Increase in urgent marriages of previously cohabiting couples

Unmarried couples are now realising, just before one of the couple dies, that getting married may have some tax benefits for them.
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Probate Fees increase April 2019

Fees for a probate application will be increased from April 2019 read more...
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Scary Statistics

Statistics show that Health and Welfare Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) are still not getting the attention they deserve.

Substantial Lifetime Gifts

Don't get caught out when giving a substantial gift during your lifetime. If you have 'Willed' someone a portion of your estate and...

Switching off Life Support - need not go to court!

Doctors can switch off life support for a patient who is irreversibly unconscious...
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Deliberate Deprivation of Assets

Deliberate Deprivation of Assets - deliberately reducing money to avoid paying fees.
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Are you entitled to money back on your LPA?

Claim a partial refund for LPA fees paid to the OPG between 1 April 2013 and 31 March 2017

Daughter fails to prevent father marrying again

Capable to Marry but not capable to draft new Will?
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Advance Directive not discovered until too late

Brenda Grant case - might an LPA for Health & Welfare have been a good choice of document to record her wishes...?
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Could a text message become your Will?

Last article was about online wills now an Australian court has ruled that an unsent text message is a valid Will