Is Online willwriting appropriate for you?

online willwritingThe basic premise of most people when they consider writing a Will is to ensure that their wishes are followed and that their estate goes where they want it to go – thus protecting the future of the people they are leaving something to.

Any properly executed Will, online or otherwise, will allow you to achieve this aim.

However, in my opinion there is one major concern about writing your Will without the benefit of face-to-face interaction with an experienced professional willwriter and a couple of very big benefits of using a professional.

First the concern:

Knowledge & experience – it is only a very small proportion of the general population who will commit enough time to properly researching everything to ensure that they know enough to avoid all pitfalls and maximise the benefit to their heirs. Even the most basic Will benefits from a thorough understanding of the relevant laws and a knowledgable impartial person who questions that what you say & write accurately reflects your wishes.

The two big benefits of using a professional Willwriter:

  • Avoiding pressure / duress
    • It is part of the professional’s process to ensure that no one is putting you under duress to draft your Will in their favour. If someone who could be a beneficiary offers to help you to do your will Online (or using a postal form) there is always the danger that they will either deliberately, or inadvertently, influence the content of the Will. This can pressure you to write something you don’t want to write.
  • Avoiding challenges to the Will
    • the process of executing an online Will is still missing the step where your capacity to write the Will has not been properly assessed and your desire for the Will to say what it does has not been effectively proven.
    • This can leave such a Will more open to be challenged once you have died.

Appropriateness of an online will-writing service for you

So, in my opinion an Online service for writing a Will is appropriate for you only if you:

  • know and understand all of the relevant laws and the options which are open to you
  • are able to discuss your wishes and the words you use to record your wishes with an impartial but knowledgeable advisor
  • you are not going to be ‘assisted’ by someone who stands to benefit from your Will
  • your estate will be very, very straightforward

Anyone who can’t tick all of the above should consider using a professional to help with the process of Willwriting.