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Planning what happens in the future

Protecting the people you care about and who depend on you when you are no longer around to do it!

Trusts, Wills & LPAs

Trusts provide you with a way to protect your love ones when you are no longer around to do it. The Trust Services Colin Snaith provides include:

Sorting things when someone has died

Ensuring a loved one’s wishes are carried out with minimum problems for the people who remain.


Estates services include the Administration of Estates after death. The services include:

Professional estate planning services from Colin Snaith BA,  TEP, FIPW  Colin provides a personal service ranging from a basic will to complex probate and estate administration.

Rememberit’s never too early, but it can be too late, to make a will.

good law / bad law

RNRB - fair?

Advising on taking the correct steps according to the law as it now stands...
sign now or wait?

Political uncertainty causing concern

Don't let doubt about the future tempt you to delay putting safeguards in place...
grant of probate

Do I need a Grant of Probate

Unfortunately, as with most questions about estates, this simple sounding question has the answer “it depends…”. It depends, primarily, on what the estate consists of and...
lasting power of attorney

LPA registration fees reduced

LPA registration fees have come down in price. Even less excuse for not getting them in place now...