Once your Will is signed and witnessed, it becomes a legal document although not effective until your death. As such it can be revoked or amended at any time. C J eState planning services recommend you review your Will regularly, preferably every 2-3 years, as not only your circumtances may change, but also the law does change from time to time.

Because there can be a long time between signing your Will and it coming into force it is important the Will is stored in a safe and secure place, preferably not in your own home.

Through the IPW the company offers a secure storage facility with the National Will Safe (NWS) where your Will is fully insured for any loss or damage and is also registered on the National Wills Register. As part of the agreement you are provided with plastic identity cards showing the company’s details and NWS details. These can then be given to your executors and /or family so that they know the location of the Wills when needed.

For a relatively small cost (£35 per annum payable by Direct Debit), you know your documents are secure providing peace of mind; but in addition, choosing this option means you are provided with an ongoing service which includes a free review of your Will every 2 years and any minor amendments.